Image of the Week

I am back. Finally, I am able to share some of my work from the past few months. I will be posting an image of the week to this blog every Saturday.  Also I will be posting images from recent photo-shoots in my midweek report.

My image this week is from an engagement shoot from last weekend. Manina Beale and Aaron Bush will be married on July 1st. They were a fun couple and I am looking forward to capturing their big day. This image was captured during the harshest part of the day, 3:15 pm in the afternoon. This image was captured with a Nikon D300, ISO 100, 12-24 Tokina Lens, aperture f/4, shutter speed 1/160 sec with flash fill from Nikon SB800. This was a difficult image to expose properly due to the harsh sunlight. Fill-flash was needed to light Manina and Aaron and a flash shutter speed was needed to tone down the highlights in the background. Mission accomplished.

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