Wedding Photography Industry-Then and Now

October 24, 2015

I have been shooting Weddings since April 2008. The industry has gone through many stages. We went through the Rock Star Wedding Photographer era when the race to $ 20,000.00 per wedding was thought to be a reachable goal for every aspiring photographer. Then the recession of 2009-2011 brought the industry to its knees. Photographers realized that being a professional is more than looking the part. You have to actual manage the business. Now we are in the social media age. Everyone has a Facebook, Pinterest, or Periscope presence. Marketing is a vital part of managing a successful business. As a part time Professional I have often looked down at the marketing piece. I was happy shooting my 10-15 weddings per year without having to really work for it.  Now the market is saturated with wedding photographers with inexpensive cameras that can function better then the flagship cameras (Nikon D3, Canon 1Ds Mark III) of five years ago. Professional photographers have to distinguish themselves from the competition with their images. I am working harder to show to potential clients that it is worth spending more for a Professional and not an “Uncle Bob”. Now I am competing against iPhones and tablets. WOW.Hamer-310